Firework Safety


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Every year, fireworks cause fires and burns

The foothills are full of excess fuel. This year especially we are in danger of fireworks-related fires. The safest, most patriotic, most adult, best thing to do is to NOT USE FIREWORKS. Instead, go to a public fireworks display.

If you use fireworks at home:

  • Take extra care to teach your children about fireworks safety.
  • First, read the directions on each device before using. Study these guidelines.
  • KEEP PLENTY OF BUCKETS OF WATER HANDY. Soak used fireworks 6 hours in water before discarding.
  • Keep fireworks away from small children. Even sparklers can burn at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Use only by responsible adults and older children under close adult supervision wearing sturdy cotton clothing covering arms, body, and legs.
  • Choose a safe place outdoors. Use a bare flat circle area. For aerial: (Rockets) at least 100 feet across, non-aerial: at least 30 feet across.

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